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The Parenting Journal Podcast

May 28, 2017

In this episode we talk to Matt Heinz, dad of three young children and marketing and sales guru.  He's a best selling author and listed on numbers top 50 lists of the most influential marketers in the United States.

We discuss:

  1. How his marketing expertise set him up to be a good parent (empathy)
  2. His key principles for being a better parent - (1) Empathy and Affection and (2) Spending Quality Time With Each Child Each Day (10 minutes) 
  3. Real life after bringing home his first baby
  4. His favorite children's books
  5. His go to activities with his children
  6. How we can escape some parenting marketing traps
  7. How to make homemade bacon....!
  8. And more...!
  9. Listen now. 

Read the article at

See more about Matt Heinz at Heinz Marketing

Check out Matt's most recent book Full Funnel Marketing here now.